We Play Together

"We Play Together" currently has 9 entertaining games in there. You can compete your memory skill, thinking skill, responsive skill, or even luck against your friend with these games. Of course you can simply chat or draw for fun with your friends.

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Graffiti: Draw fun stuff while chatting with your friends.

Cat Catches Mouse: Cat wants the mouse and the mouse wants the cheese ! Run! Run! Run!

Snake: Grow your snake by eating more stars. Compete to see who can eat faster!

Matching Pictures: So many fruits, but do you remember where they are?

Othello: Cat vs Dog! See who can control more territories. Watch out for sneaky potion use.

Bingo: How to choose next number is the key to master this game!

Melody Non-Stop: Is there a great melody somewhere hidden inside you? Let's play together and find out!

Voodoo Doll: Hating someone? Ok, time to find and stick to his heart!

Marbles Madness: Move marbles to connect and attack your opponent(or heal yourself)!! Go! Go!

That year we played these games, do you want to play with friends? Come to create your Me card, collect your Me monsters.

There are many approaches to get free potions, remember to earn that.






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